Beagles that pursue with the intent to overtake.

                   Tuff-E-Nuff  Beagles

Me and my wonderful wife Tracy was inducted into the NKC/ARHA as Beagler HOF @ the 2014 World Hunt Banquet, this is a honor that we both are so proud to have earned.

Me and my wonderful wife Tracy, first started trialling our AKC Beagles around 1988 and then shortly afterward got involved with the ARHA, our first hounds was mostly the red backed, copper nosed beagles which descended from
Cress' Big Red Tracker and Ellison Ridge Red Man, during this time we called ourself  "Damrons Red Dog Kennels" but a few years later ( around 1994 ) we switched bloodlines and started mostly running Indian Hills Major and New City Cruiser hounds, also at that time was when we changed our kennel name to  "Tuff-E-Nuff Kennels" and its been that ever since.
Our main interest was and is gun hunted our hounds but during the off season we traveled all over the US attending both AKC (Mid West Gun-dog ) trials as well as ARHA (Little Pack). We raised several pups and I always tried to breed for not only show dog conformation but also for the best all around hound we could come up with, while I love a real fast, hard hitting hound that can hunt and jump its own rabbit I also like a hound that can keep the track under control depending on the conditions and work a check area from the inside out.
Around 2001 I reached a total burnout from going almost every weekend to the trials and running dogs 5 days a week to keep them in shape, so after winning both 1st and 2nd Place at the KY State Ch hunt I decided to sell all my dogs and take a break, then a couple years later I got involved with the Original Mountain Cur Breeders  Association and started hunting both squirrel and coons with our Twin Pines Banjo Bred mountain curs, I still have a couple good Cur dogs and still enjoy hunting with a good tree dog.
But I guess my roots are with the beagles so I am once again doing what I love to do and thats listen to good race on a cool winter morning.

Have to put a plug in for Victor Dog Feed, if you haven't tried it you should, its the best feed I have ever used.

Thanks so much and hope you enjoy my site.           

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